Zelda: Tears Of Kingdom: Why Is This Release Highly Anticipated?

Zelda: Tears Of Kingdom: Why Is This Release Highly Anticipated?

The Legend of Zelda video game series is a very popular franchise in the video game world gaming. Fans have been waiting for this for a long time: Today, Friday, May 12th, the new work entitled “Zelda: “Tears Of The Kingdom” will be released.

Fans of the Zelda series have been eagerly anticipating the release of ” Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom », the latest installment in Nintendo’s legendary video game franchise. Since the release of the first installment in 1986, the series has captured the hearts of many players thanks to its fantastic universe, its iconic characters, and the puzzles and challenges to be solved. With Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, players have the opportunity to experience new story elements, new characters and new challenges. As always, Nintendo has managed to emphasize the adventure and exploration aspect of the game while incorporating role-playing elements that allow the player to personalize their gaming experience.

The games in The Legend of Zelda series tell about the adventures of a young hero named Link who must save Princess Zelda and the Kingdom of Hyrule from the evil Ganon. THE playing style Based on exploration, puzzles and combat, the games are known for their open world and compelling story. ” The gameplay evolution really got me interested in the series. explains Gwen, a customer of the Fnac store. And to add:

“I didn’t really like Basic, the first Zelda, because puzzle games have times when it’s boring and there’s less freedom. And it’s really that side of discovery that made me love it.”


The opinion expressed is understandable: the first games in the Zelda series actually focused more on puzzles and challenges to be solved than on exploration and freedom of action. This could make the game a bit frustrating at times for players who prefer one playing style more open.

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Many fans of the Zelda series have pre-ordered the Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom game to receive it as soon as possible. Others rushed to get their hands on it today, players eager to experience the game’s new story elements, characters, and challenges, and immerse themselves in the fantastical world of Hyrule.

“I was so excited when I heard Zelda was coming out today. I’ve been a fan of the series since I was a kid and haven’t missed a single appearance since. So as soon as it opened I went to the store to buy the game.”


For Noémie, who also just bought the game, the Zelda series is above all an adventure game accessible to everyone. ” You can play with both video game fans and someone who doesn’t know how to play “, she explains. Noémie is a long-time fan of the series and even took the time to read all the old episodes before the release of ” Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom “. For her, it is above all the adventure and puzzle aspect that makes her addicted to the series, but she also appreciates the RPG part, which is becoming more and more present in the last few episodes.

This will delight players around the world, immersing them in the fantastic world of Zelda. A true madness for this last work …

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Selected photo credit: Juliette Cosme