Yvelines: an “expert on masculinity” accused of murdering his ex-partner and killed with 80 stab wounds

Yvelines: an “expert on masculinity” accused of murdering his ex-partner and killed with 80 stab wounds

Mickaël Philétas, YouTuber who describes himself as an “expert on masculinity” and “seduction”, must know his verdict this Wednesday, January 25, for the murder of his ex-companion, killed by 80 stab wounds in 2020 in the Yvelines would.

Zumba Instructor, “Manhood Expert” and “Virtuoso of Seduction”. Mickaël Philétas, 41-year-old Youtuber, will know this Wednesday, January 25, the verdict reserved for him by the Versailles Court of Assizes after the murder of his ex-companion by 80 stab wounds in January 2020 in Ecquevilly the Yvelines.

The defendant, who did not speak about his entire interrogation by the court, citing his right to silence, had only expressed his “shame” on Monday when his lawyer asked for an explanation of his position.

“What is there to defend? How dare I defend myself?” he said. A silence that caused enormous frustration among the relatives of Mélanie, the victim.

The victim’s sister and her companion also stabbed

On January 29, 2020, he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house to find out if she had been dating anyone since their breakup, which happened a month earlier. On site, the young woman, mother of a little girl, was in the company of her new boyfriend, but also her little sister, 23 years old.

Mickaël Philétas would then have inflicted almost 80 stab wounds on his ex-companion. His death was announced on the spot. The other two had also been stabbed about thirty times. Luckily they had been rescued in time. The defendant even forced the sister to strip to abuse her before beating her. After escaping, he was arrested in the Rhône the next day.

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The investigation had also revealed a previous conviction for violence against a former companion in 2015. He had received a suspended sentence.

Charged with murder, attempted murder of the victim’s sister and new boyfriend, and sexual assault at gunpoint, the defendant faces a life sentence.