Yuju Reveals ‘O’+ Album Tracklist Praised for Songwriting Skills – KpopNews

Yuju Reveals ‘O’+ Album Tracklist Praised for Songwriting Skills – KpopNews

Yuju has finally announced the track listing for her upcoming sophomore album “O”. With the unveiling of the songs, LUVU praises Yuju for her songwriting skills.

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Yuju reveals the official tracklist of his second album “O”

On February 26, former GFRIEND member and soloist Yuju will perform revealed the tracklist of “O”, his second mini-album.

“O” comprises five songs consisting of “9 Years”, “Without U”, “Dreaming”, “Peach Blossom (feat. Sokodomo)” and “Full Circle”. The post also revealed that “O” will be released on March 7th at 6pm KST. All of the songs featured Yuju’s lyrical input and showcased her songwriting skills.

Yuju also initially uploaded teaser photos with three different concepts. The first concept showed her basking in the warmth of the sun, followed by the second concept showing her relaxing indoors, and the third covering a softer image with night-time themes.

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(Photo: Twitter: @konnect_YUJU)

Yuju Reveals Tracklist For Upcoming Album

(Photo: Twitter: @konnect_YUJU)

The singer also shared that an offline fan signature event will be held on March 12, where fans will have the opportunity to meet Yuju and get autographs.

In addition, safety measures are also implemented implemented, with an acrylic disc for installation during the fan meeting. This is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone at the event safe.

Yuju Reveals Tracklist For Upcoming Album

(Photo: Twitter: @konnect_YUJU)

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Yuju’s album “O” will be his last release, right after the single “Evening” which highlighted BIG Naughty for rap phrases.

After leaving GFRIEND and Source Music, Yuju officially made her solo debut on January 18, 2022 with her first mini-album REC. The debut album contained the title track “Play”, which cemented the singer’s elegant image, music and concept.

As the former lead singer of GFRIEND, Yuju has attracted a loving fandom that will support her in her future endeavors.

LUVU Praises Yuju for Lyrical Contribution to All Songs on Second Album “O”

When Yuju’s LUVU fan base learned about the track listing, they praised the singer for her creativity. In the track listing of “O”, Yuju’s name is consistently featured in all songs, showing the singer’s songwriting skills.

Yuju Reveals Tracklist For Upcoming Album

(Photo: Twitter: @konnect_YUJU)

LUVUs gathered on Yuju’s official Twitter account and expressed their admiration for Yuju. Fans were not only proud of her for being a great singer but also for writing her own songs. They also expressed their anticipation for the album release and couldn’t contain their excitement.

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Others praised agency Konnect Entertainment for giving Yuju artistic freedom to express her craft.

Apart from ‘O’ also Yuju took part in songwriting with his previous album REC. The debut album received her lyrical contribution in all five songs, including the title track “Play”.

See her comments below:

“The lyricists are all Yuju unnie, wow that’s really awesome.”

“Konnect fits Yuju really well and gives her all the artistic freedom and care she deserves.”

“I can’t wait for this masterpiece to play all day. I’m so excited. I like you.”

“Wow, incredibly proud that she wrote all the lyrics to the song on her album.”

“I thought Yuju would one day release full albums with his own lyrics and composer. Looks like it’s not too far.”

Are you excited for Yuju’s return?

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