YouTubers with over 4 million subscribers accused of being JMS cult members release a statement detailing their experience

YouTubers with over 4 million subscribers accused of being JMS cult members release a statement detailing their experience

Since the release of NetflixIt is In the name of God: a holy treason, korean worship jms is a global hot topic.

“In the Name of God: Holy Treason” Poster | Netflix

Many Korean celebrities have been accused of being associated with the sect, including an idol who gave birth to a family of believers, an accused producer on live TV and an actor who confessed.

Jung Myung Seok, chief du JMS | Netflix

Now it seems that JMS’s influence outside of Korea is becoming more apparent. A message was recently posted on a popular online community in Taiwan accusing a YouTuber of being part of the cult.

Message from user | Map

The netizen initially admitted to going to church himself.

I attended this church for about two years during my school days. The beliefs and practices of the church are exactly the same as shown in the documentation. One thing to note is that during a meeting, someone from the church “a solar who teaches English on YouTube ‘so I chatted with him’alone.’

– Netizen

Then the netizen described how he realized who this YouTuber was.

YouTube wasn’t popular back then, so I didn’t know who it‘ was. Years later, I finally realized that he was this million-subscriber YouTuber. It is really incredible. JMS is all over Taiwan so pay attention everyone!!

– Netizen

The netizen also revealed that the YouTuber’s younger sister organizes events at the church.

By the way, I once saw his sister moderate a church event. I found out later that she was also a member of JMS….

– Netizen

With the clues in the post, internet users quickly discovered that it was the YouTuber in question shine, which operates an English learning channel with 2.73 million subscribers. His sister, crown ofoperates its own channel with 1.46 million subscribers.

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Ray Du and Crown Du | @rayduenglish

Additionally, netizens discovered that Ray Du once wore a necklace with the word “Seok‘, and assumed it was referring to Jung Myung Seok.

Ray Du wears a necklace with the word “Seok” | @rayduenglish

After the online post drew attention, Ray Du addressed the allegations through a statement on his Instagram.

Ray Du explained how he first came into contact with JMS and what they were doing.

I knew JMS when I was at university, on campus. At that time, I participated in religious events such as Sunday services, art classes, and evangelistic activities. For us it was like attending regular events in a regular church.

– Shine

He then went straight to the controversial nature of the cult.

As for the content of the Netflix documentary recently reported by the media, we actually knew that Jung Myung Seok was in prison for sexual assault while we attended religious events. Church members, however, continued to say that he had been falsely accused. They used reasons such as “religious wars in Korea” and “slandering our name for their own gain” to make believers believe he was innocent. They even said that the details circulating online are malicious and fake information.

– Shine

Finally, he confirmed that he and his sister left the Church many years ago.

During this time we began to doubt the faith of the Church. The church had many strict rules that didn’t fit our values. So my sister and I left the church about 6-7 years ago. After watching the documentary last night, we are even more certain that leaving JMS many years ago was the right decision.

– Shine

Crown You and Ray You | @rayduenglish