YouTuber Beaten Up For Molesting (ITZY) Chaeryeong On Plane Soompi

YouTuber Beaten Up For Molesting (ITZY) Chaeryeong On Plane Soompi

A YouTuber is currently facing a lot of criticism.

YouTuber Kagwang recently streamed live from his flight on an airplane.

The members of ITZY traveled on the same plane as Chaeryeong could walk down the aisle during her lifetime. Not surprisingly, people watching the live commented that they saw the girl group member walking past.

Kagwang then said: “I don’t know Chaeryeong. Who is it ? »

After people explained it to him, the YouTuber then sang “DALLA DALLA” very loudly before speaking very loudly and pretending to be on the phone with Park Jin Young, founder of JYP Entertainment.

In the end, Chaeryeong, who was sitting next to him, switched places to avoid being disturbed by the YouTuber.

The YouTuber was subsequently the target of numerous criticisms from netizens, many of whom believed his behavior amounted to harassment.

Netizens also praised Chaeryeong’s demeanor, who remained very professional and handled the situation very well.

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