Youngbin was fired from BLANK2Y after attacking his girlfriend Soompi

Youngbin was fired from BLANK2Y after attacking his girlfriend Soompi

Youngbin was fired from the BLANK2Y group.

This case began on the night of February 25th. A woman anonymously revealed on a community website that her friend was abused by her boyfriend.

The person wrote:

“My friend suffered violence from her boyfriend who is an idol. She went to the police on February 19th and he will be questioned on the 26th.

This person is not a famous idol but he still has fans who support him despite everything he has done which I find selfish so I decided to speak out for the good of my friend. »

She then posted photos of her friend and the idol in question and blurred them.

She then continued:

“My boyfriend and this idol were together for 3 months. When my girlfriend told him she wanted to break up with him, he attacked her.

He grabbed her by the collar, dragged her into an alley, took her phone by force and threatened to throw it away. He then strangled her until she passed out. Luckily, passengers found her and helped her, but without the help of these strangers, my friend might not be alive today. She has her medical records to back up her injuries.

I think it’s morally wrong for such a person to be able to pursue a career in the entertainment world. I will release more information after the February 26 interrogation. »

She also revealed messages exchanged between her boyfriend and the idol in which he admits to hurting her.

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The transcript of the messages is as follows:

Idol: “I find it very problematic that I acted this way towards someone I love. »
Girlfriend: It doesn’t matter who I meet now. »
Idol: “Because of that. »
Girlfriend: “Because you didn’t have what you wanted, you beat me, physically took me over, and strangled me until I passed out. »
Idol: “Yes, yes, I know. I was wrong. »
Girlfriend: “What should I do? I was physically traumatized by your attack and since you almost choked me to death, my collarbones have been sore. What should I do ? »
Idol: “I, I will personally apologize. I will kneel before you when we can see each other. »
Girlfriend: “Me, you see? If I don’t know what you could do to me? »
Idol: I promise I won’t hurt you. I just want to apologize personally. »

Netizens’ suspicions then fell on certain idols, including BLANK2Y’s Youngbin.

Later that day, Keystone Entertainment confirmed that it was their agency member, and his firing was announced immediately.

The agency said:

“Hello, this is Keystone Entertainment.

First of all, we sincerely apologize for causing concern and discomfort to fans and the public.

The agency earlier today decided to confirm all related facts following recent charges against an online community and it was determined that the person facing charges was in fact Youngbin. Accordingly, we would like to inform you about the status of Youngbin and BLANK2Y in the future.

The agency has decided that Youngbin will leave the group as of this date, and BLANK2Y will continue their promotions without Youngbin as of the scheduled appearance for “KROSS Vol.2” later today.

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Once again, we apologize for bringing issues related to Youngbin to the attention of fans and many others.

The agency will continue to do its best to allow BLANK2Y to show you its development.

Merzi. »

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