You want everything according to your wishes, these are 6 characteristics of perfectionists

You want everything according to your wishes, these are 6 characteristics of perfectionists, Jakarta Perfectionism can be defined as a personality trait that relates to oneself and setting high standards. Having high standards for yourself and the motivation to achieve them can both be good habits, but overdoing it is bad.

Of course, striving for perfection can help us persevere in challenging tasks and overcome serious problems, but psychologists have linked many perfectionism to mental health problems such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety and more. So what are the signs of perfectionists? Come on, check out more below.

Looking for Perfection in Everything

When it comes to being a perfectionist at work, you want to be perfect in every task you face. If you feel extremely frustrated every time you fail to achieve perfection, no matter the task, your perfectionism can destroy the quality of your life.

Setting the Scale Too Big

Perfectionists put themselves, and others too, under extreme pressure with their expectations and standards. That is why they always emphasize efforts. It also encourages them when others don’t live up to what they believe is normal. For example, they get angry when other people don’t care about the details and are not nice. Perfectionistic goals and expectations are too high to be achieved. When the inevitable happens that doesn’t happen, despair and frustration abound.

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