You can be funny at work, as long as you know the limits

You can be funny at work, as long as you know the limits

Jokes and jokes there job it is a necessary thing. But of course, not everything can be a joke.

Boundaries should be in place whenever you try to make jokes, especially at work.

Without humor and humor, the workplace will be dark. Imagine, you are in the workplace for almost nine hours almost every day without playing. It consists only of adults looking at the screen. How dark the world feels.

“Like the word, the bitterness of the company, but still a person is happy. This, able to do, valuable. He said money able to doYou can’t buy anything, but humor will definitely make you happy,” said Seno Gumira Ajidarma, a book writer and a member of the Humor Institute Now (IHIK) in Indonesia when he was one of the speakers at at the launch of the book. . Humor at Work by IHIKsome time ago.

The Limits of Humor in Action

A sense of humor is needed to break through a rigid work environment.

But still, according to Seno, jokes in the workplace, jokes made by colleagues must be limited. A joke should not be a disaster. Especially, to the point of making others angry or ashamed.

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These are the rules that must be used whenever there is humor in the workplace.

1. Humor must be honest and civilized

It is often called neutral humor. Also, humor brings the value of gender or wealth to a person’s knowledge. In fact, humor must be civilized.
Factors such as gender, sexuality, and a person’s social and economic status are not to be trifled with.

Seno said, “Justice and civility must be done. Jokes are not cruel. We also laugh.”

2. Humor from adults to children

A group of young business people are working together in a modern office.  Creative people with laptop, tablet, mobile phone, notebook.  A group of successful hipsters in partnership.  Independents.Example. There should be specific guidelines for their use in the workplace. (iStock/Vasyl Dolmatov)

Funny idiot even a joke that humiliates people is not a joke. This is tantamount to bullying, especially if your coworker doesn’t agree with the abuse.

“It’s funny to insult people, because the joke can be misunderstood, everyone laughs, or the person who was made fun of is forced to laugh, even though he doesn’t want to laugh at all,” he said.

3. Public awareness when it comes to jokes

Jokes must be accepted, if it is related to race or religion.

If you don’t agree, say so. Don’t be silent just so that one thing does not continue to be a thorn in the flesh.

4. Humor does not know the relationship of power

Jokes are one thing that both parties enjoy. Jokes must be accepted with two or more groups. Don’t let the power relations appear in the joke.

For example, a part becomes a joke without being able to return this joke, for example because of fear. He couldn’t fight because he felt uncomfortable.

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“This can be oppression. This context is not a joke, however cruelty –yes,” he said.


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