Yoo Ah tests positive for third drug Soompi

Yoo Ah tests positive for third drug Soompi

Yoo Ah In tested positive for a third drug.

The police recently investigated the actor as he was suspected of using propofol on a daily basis. However, his investigations revealed, among other things, that he had recently used marijuana.

Since that announcement, brands have distanced themselves from him and his image has been severely damaged.

Then we found out that Yoo ah In had also tested positive for propofol, prompting NETFLIX to talk about the actor’s many ongoing projects.

Then, on February 24th, it was revealed by the media that Yoo Ah In ultimately tested positive for three different drugs.

In fact, the actor tested positive for a third type of drug in addition to marijuana and propofol.

If the analysis of his urine made it possible to confirm his positive test for marijuana, it was the analyzes performed on his hair that showed his use of two other drugs.

So if propofol was initially confirmed by these analyses, it also tested positive for another type of drug, but whose name was not filtered out.

UAA, Yoo Ah In’s agency, was simply expressed “Nothing can reveal about the situation. »

Source: sportschosun

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