Yoo Ah In’s ‘Cocaine Dance’ video resurfaces amid drug controversy

Yoo Ah In’s ‘Cocaine Dance’ video resurfaces amid drug controversy

As drug allegations against actor Yoo Ah In come to light one after another, criticism of him continues.

A representative example is the “Cocaine Dance” with Yoo Ah. Recently, a video of Yoo Ah doing a cocaine dance was posted in online communities in Korea. It shows Yoo Ah In performing the “cocaine dance” to the music in different ways and making people laugh.

The video doesn’t actually show Yoo Ah In. It is Heo Sung Tae who performs the cocaine dance in Coupang Play’s entertainment show “SNL Korea 2” which aired in February last year. It was edited using deepfake technology.

The reason this video has resurfaced is because Yoo Ah In has been accused of using cocaine as well as marijuana and propofol.

On February 17, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit was informed of the result of the detailed analysis by the National Institute for Scientific Investigation (NFS) that Yoo Ah In’s hair tested positive for cocaine and ketamine.

According to this, a total of four drug substances were detected in Yoo Ah In’s hair: hemp, propofol, cocaine and ketamine.

Yo ah in

As the drug allegations surrounding Yoo Ah In come to light one after the other, criticism of her also increases. Indeed, Yoo Ah In has always offered his thoughts on various open issues, but he has remained silent about his drug allegations.

Yoo Ah In takes over the police investigation. Police plan to subpoena Yoo Ah In as a narcotics violation suspect to investigate how he bought drugs and how he used them.

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Source: Naver