Yoo Ah injects propofol 73 times in one year – K-GEN

Yoo Ah injects propofol 73 times in one year – K-GEN

The revelations about Yoo Ah In and his drug use continue.

The police recently investigated the actor as he was suspected of using propofol on a daily basis. However, his investigations revealed, among other things, that he had recently used marijuana.

Since that announcement, brands have distanced themselves from him and his image has been severely damaged.

Then we found out that Yoo ah In had also tested positive for propofol, prompting NETFLIX to talk about the actor’s many ongoing projects, and he has since tested positive for a third drug.

Then, on February 25, Channel A reported more information on the subject.

According to information gathered by the media, Yoo Ah In was a daily user of propofol, which is extremely dangerous.

In fact, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety revealed that between January 4th and December 23rd, 2021, Yoo Ah In had injected propofol 73 times in just under a year.

That ends up being more than six injections a month.

Source: channela

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