Yoo Ah In tested positive for 4 drugs, Netflix in hot water

Yoo Ah In tested positive for 4 drugs, Netflix in hot water

Netflix could be in trouble as Yoo Ah In, who has recently been the subject of a drug controversy, has been directing various films and dramas in advance.

3 Works starring Yoo Ah, like the Netflix movie The Match, due out this year, are going to struggle.

Previously, actor Yoo Ah In shocked netizens when it was reported that he normally takes the psychoactive drug propofol. However, he also reportedly tested positive for cannabis, as well as two drugs, ketamine and cocaine, which made the situation worse.

Considering the seriousness of the Yoo Ah In drug controversy, many people express their opinion that this should not be dismissed as a mistake as it affects many people.

Yo ah in

In addition, Yoo Ah In should present three works this year alone. This includes two films, The Match and High Five (working titles), as well as Netflix drama Goodbye Earth. Given the controversy in the spotlight, it’s likely these projects will also get into hot water and cause problems for Netflix.

As of now, the production company hasn’t made an official statement, and future plans will likely be decided when Yoo Ah In’s final test results are announced.

Source: arbrewiki

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