Yoo Ah In Banni de KBS – K-GEN

Yoo Ah In Banni de KBS – K-GEN

Yoo Ah In is now banned from appearing on KBS.

We recently learned that the actor has tested positive for multiple types of drugs, including propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and even ketamine.

Following this, NETFLIX notably announced that he had been replaced by another actor for the second season of “Hellbound.”

KBS has a habit of banning from its antennas celebrities who cause controversy with illegal and immoral acts.

This is the case when celebrities are sued, including cases of harassment, sexual assault, evasion of military service, drug use, embezzlement, etc.

For example, Kim Sae Ron, Kwak Dong Won and Don Spike were recently banned from appearing on the channel.

Today, News1 revealed that Yoo Ah In has also been temporarily banned as he is currently under investigation for drug use.

However, the situation may change depending on the results of the investigation, so his suspension is provisional.

Source: News1

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