Yoo Ah Complete Hellbound 2 or Kim Sung Cheol to Rejoin Casting • Kpopnews

Yoo Ah Complete Hellbound 2 or Kim Sung Cheol to Rejoin Casting • Kpopnews

Actor Yo ah in recently tested positive for multiple drugs including marijuana, cocaine, propofol, etc. Substance abuse is a serious crime, and the production company Netflix He recently issued a statement when the actor’s upcoming plans came into question. Some projects including The game etc goodbye earth, You are already in post-production.

We talk to the project managers about the current situation.


on another side, hell 2 is expected to start filming soon. The first season starred Yoo Ah In, a cult leader. His role was scheduled to be resumed for the second season, but amid his scandal, he left the cast.

Yeah clean As hell. | Netflix

On March 2, 2023 he was informed by prayer that it was decided that Yoo Ah In would leave the cast while the actor Kim Sung Cheol takes on the role of cult leader Jung Jin Soo. Kim Sung Cheol recently starred in it our beloved summer like Kim Ji Woong, received a lot of love.

Kim Sung Cheol in our beloved summer. | Netflix

The highly anticipated second season comes after the success of the first, which topped the charts upon its release in November 2021. Taking advantage of suddenly appearing supernatural monsters, two organizations burn several people on Earth to exploit people’s fears. . The second season is scheduled for 2023.

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