YG Entertainment Shocks Fans After Announcing Change in BABYMONSTER Final Roster – KpopNews

YG Entertainment Shocks Fans After Announcing Change in BABYMONSTER Final Roster – KpopNews

YG entertainment announced in May 2021 that they were preparing to start a new girl group, their first since NOIRPINKdebuted in 2016.

Over a year later, fans got their first glimpse of the long-awaited band, BABY MONSTERthrough an official teaser released by YG Entertainment.

It was times speculated that the group should consist of seven members after a fan arrested seven trainees entering the company building. YG Entertainment appeared to confirm this theory on December 30, 2022 when they released a teaser poster featuring seven silhouettes, followed by a promise to release more information about the group on January 1.

Poster BABYMONSTER by YG Entertainment | @ygent_official/Twitter

Since the beginning of the year, YG Entertainment has been introducing BABYMONSTER members individually through videos that showcase their trainee life and skills through trainee reviews and live performances.

members hand, Pharita, spit, As a, chiquita, ahyeonetc Haram were introduced as the seven members of BABYMONSTER and fans quickly fell in love with the talents. The members trained alongside seniors from YG Entertainment such as ACMU, NOIRPINKIt is jenny, Lisaetc rose, WINNERIt is Darling etc Yoonand famous dancer YGXIt is Lee Youngarouse the anticipation of the group.

So far, the group has been shown to work together as sevens, and trainees sometimes join them with blurred faces that netizens assume are trainees who didn’t appear in the group’s final formation.

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YG Entertainment’s latest teaser for the group, Latest ratingFans were left in complete shock when he revealed BABYMONSTER would not debut as a seven-piece group.

The company’s founder and executive producer, Yang Hyun Suk, first recognized the talents of the announced seven members.

After years of careful consideration, we’ve narrowed it down to seven very talented interns.

— Yang Hyun Suk

Then he dropped the shocking announcement,

BABYMONSTER will never be a group of seven. It will definitely be less than seven.

— Yang Hyun Suk

To determine which of the seven pre-debut members will make it into the final lineup, the group will conduct a “final judging,” which will be shared with fans ahead of the final reveal.

Fans immediately expressed their disappointment with the decision after following the seven members’ travels.

Internet users

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The “final evaluation” is imminent; In the meantime, check out the surprising teaser below: