Yang Hyun Suk faces backlash for delaying selection of members of YG’s rookie girl group

Yang Hyun Suk faces backlash for delaying selection of members of YG’s rookie girl group

YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk has been criticized again for postponing the selection of the newest member of the company’s new girl group. Social media is teeming with people expressing concern and dissatisfaction with the lengthy process as they question YG’s ability to handle new talent. This article will dive into the current situation and examine the subreddits: the survival show’s selection process, netizens’ reactions, and the potential composition of the new girl group.

Survival Show Selection Process

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Yang Hyun Suk faces backlash for delaying selection of YG Rookie Girl Group members

YG Entertainment uses a YouTube survival show as a method for selecting the final members of its rookie girl group.

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This method, which is not unknown in the industry, has drawn mixed reactions from both advocates and skeptics. A significant number claim that such a process puts undue stress on young interns and fosters an unhealthy competitive atmosphere.

Uncertainty about the final composition of BABYMONSTER:

YG Entertainment recently announced that the upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER will debut with only five members, which will result in the elimination of two trainees from the series. This announcement was made at the end of the eighth episode of “Last Evaluation,” leaving the seven competing trainees, Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Haram, Rora, and Chiquita, uncertain about the final composition of the group.

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Yang Hyun Suk said of the trainees, “Our evaluation is complete. We have not determined the total number of members yet. I understand that you are all quite talented, but as a producer my goal is to find the ideal combination and there is no specific ranking of who is better or worse.


He then praised the trainees for their skills and revealed in a separate interview that he always imagined BABYMONSTER as a group of five.

Yang Hyun Suk shared his perspective, saying, “From the very beginning when planning the BABYMONSTER group, I envisioned a quintet. YG-produced girl groups usually consist of a smaller number of members, with BLACKPINK having four and 2NE1 the same. The final five members are yet to be confirmed.” He then shared that the ultimate lineup of BABYMONSTER will be revealed on May 12th at 12:00pm KST.

As anticipation builds for the final member selection, fans eagerly await the announcement and debut of YG Entertainment’s new girl group BABYMONSTER.

Internet user reactions

The delay in completing the group’s lineup has prompted backlash from netizens, with many expressing frustration and confusion. Some comments found online include:

“What takes so long for their debut like BLACKPINK’s? What is Yang Hyun Suk doing?”

“It’s disheartening to think of trainees who could be eliminated despite having shared their profile pictures.”

“Isn’t Yang Hyun Suk locked up?”

“Seeing Yang Hyun Suk once again reminds me why I find it difficult to support YG.”

Possible composition for the new girl group

With the final line-up yet to be announced, many netizens have been speculating about the potential members of this rookie girl group. A popular prediction includes Ahyeon, Ruka, Chiquita, Asa, and Pharita, making it a party of five. Others suggested that given BLACKPINK’s success, a group of four or five members would be ideal for YG Entertainment.

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The delay in determining the makeup of YG’s rookie girl group sparked much debate and backlash online. While we are seeing an increase in the number of people expressing dissatisfaction with the proceedings and Yang Hyun Suk’s role, the ultimate reaction to the final lineup is uncertain until midnight on Friday, May 12 will be announced. Until then, the guesswork and discussion about this upcoming girl group will likely continue, with fans eagerly awaiting their first appearance.

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