Y2K styles are worth dressing like idols – KpopNews

Y2K styles are worth dressing like idols – KpopNews

In her music video for “Love Me Like This”, NMIXX blew everyone away with her amazing performance, voice and presence. Love Me Like This was released on March 20th alongside their album Expérgo, their first-ever extended piece consisting of six tracks including the title track.

Her NSWER fandom praised “Love Me Like This” not only for its cool music, but also for its production design and most importantly for the NMIXX year 2000 fashion. However, member Sullyoon drew everyone’s attention for her style.

Read here to see what Sullyoon wore for the music video!

(Photo: Twitter: @NMIXX_official)

1. Robe mi-longue Shibori in Soie Nuada d’Altuzzara

Robe mi-longue Shibori in Soie Nuada d'Altuzzara

(Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue)

For “Love Me Like This,” Sullyoon wore a Nuada silk shibori midi dress from Altuzzara that exuded an antique vibe. The garment suits Sullyoon well due to its draped structure and marmalade teardrop colour. For a similar look, check out this alternative carnival dress from Amazon!

2. The black butterfly belt from BLUMARINE

Black butterfly belt by BLUMARINE

(Photo: SSENSE)

For her accessories, Sullyoon added a bold look to her dress with a black butterfly belt from BLUMARINE. The stylish belt steals everyone’s attention with its golden butterfly, the highlight of the belt. In keeping with Sullyoon’s sophisticated look, you can try shopping for this vintage option with a buckle closure.

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3. R13 Damon tank top

R13 Damon jumpsuit

(Photo: ShopBop)

Sullyoon stole the show in her R13 denim cami. The idol added a long-sleeved shirt to add fullness to the outfit and complement the cropped structure of the tank top. Also, Sullyoon looked cool in this outfit due to its loose fit. To give a little twist, you can buy this denim corset from Amazon that has an off the shoulder bodice!

4. Jeans pants


(Photo: Amazon)

The idol added denim pants to complete the look. Denim is indeed timeless due to its classic design and unmatched durability. There are many options on Amazon, but this baggy option absolutely screams Y2K fashion!

5. The Striped Panel Mini Skirt by Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini

Striped mini skirt by Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini

(Photo: Farfetch)

Sullyoon also wore a striped mini skirt in the music video, which was donned by Philosophy Di Lorenzo. The skirt has a slim fit and is made from a red cotton blend that embraces Sullyoon’s stunning looks. Exuding a retro vibe, this high waist skirt makes a great replacement for that outfit!

6. LOEWE’s distressed denim flow sneakers

Flow sneakers in distressed denim by LOEWE

(Photo: matches)

Sullyoon also wore washed-out denim sneakers from LOEWE with her shoes. With its fine composition, the shoes make Sullyoon dance and kill.

The shoes are also made in Italy and are made from crisp denim, distressed edges and an Anagram logo. Get the look by shopping on Amazon for this lightweight sneaker that has a sporty feel!

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