World Record Breaker, Man Climbs America’s Longest River Using Pumpkin

World Record Breaker, Man Climbs America’s Longest River Using Pumpkin

In the river with wooden boats or inflatable boats is common. But a man from Nebraska did something different. The United States of America (AS).

This man is known to cross the Missouri River, one of the longest in the United States, with a giant pumpkin. On Saturday (27/8/2022) he sat on a pumpkin and drove.

Without judgment, this man named Duane Hansen rowed up to 38 miles. His goal of rowing this distance was to celebrate his 60th birthday.

For his efforts, Hansen hopes to be rewarded by Guinness World Records. Hansen is known to depart from the dock in Bellevue, Nebraska, around 7:30 local time.

He then arrived in Nebraska City around 6:30 p.m. with 846 pounds of pumpkin. Hansen also asked Bellevue city officials, The United States of Americawitnessed his attempt to break history on his birthday.

The initiative Travel CNN, the pumpkin boat that Hansen used was also named SS Berta, as written on the back of the pumpkin boat. The cup holder is also drawn on the body of the pumpkin.

Hansen’s wife, family and friends were also there to document the trip. In fact, some of them followed him in the proper boats just in case the pumpkin boat ran into trouble.

The previous record for the longest journey in a pumpkin boat is 25.5 miles (41,038 km), which was set in 2018, according to the Guinness World Records website.

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Guinness World Records spokeswoman Kylie Galloway said the organization accepted Hansen’s request for the position. The evidence is pending review.

“Once received and reviewed, our Data Management Team will confirm the success or failure of the record attempt,” Galloway said.


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