World Cup 2022: Belgium’s locker room under tension?

World Cup 2022: Belgium’s locker room under tension?

In the midst of the World Cup, several media outlets created tensions among the Belgian players, even going so far as to spread rumors of a fight between Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Jan Vertonghen.

Belgium’s dressing room would have exploded after losing 2-0 to Morocco on the second day of Group F play at the World Cup. Several media outlets even mentioned a fight involving Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard in particular.

And while Yannick Carrasco and Arthur Theate were the two players slated for Tuesday 29 November’s Belgium press conference, it was ultimately Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois who appeared in front of the journalists. Both players wanted to create clarity.

“Nothing happened, everyone was disappointed after the defeat. The manager spoke. There are too many lies on social media. The created situation doesn’t exist,” said the Real Madrid goalkeeper.

Eden Hazard spoke of a meeting between the players: “We said things, good and bad. Maybe some things I didn’t like, but we talked.

Regarding the fight, the Belgium captain was clear: “After Morocco there was nothing in the dressing room, we didn’t fight with Jan Vertonghen. I would never dare to fight with Jan, he is bigger than me.

Finally, Eden Hazard gave a final reassurance to the Belgian fans: “Given what was said in the session yesterday, we will have 26 warriors on Thursday.” The Belgians, who are currently third in their group, do indeed need to get a result against Croatia to hope to continue the competition.

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