‘Withdrawn Child’: What Do We Blame His Mother For?

‘Withdrawn Child’: What Do We Blame His Mother For?

Rennes, a fourteen-year-old teenager who has been a reclusive person since birth, was accused by his mother.

The boy was admitted to the emergency room in July 2022 because of “malaise” and was in a “very deteriorated” general condition, according to his mother. Upon admission, doctors quickly determined that the teenager ” delayed intellectual development and an unusually low weight of 27 kilos. In addition, he suffered speech disorders ” and “was afraid of others Authorities, forewarned, note that the child is unknown to either a doctor or school. After a police hearing, the mother is released from the custody of the little boy.

The Rennes prosecutor told Ouest France that she was suspected of concealing the existence of her son. According to the regional daily, the child has been living in seclusion with his mother in an unsanitary place since birth. He spent most of his time locked up at home.

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On May 16, the woman was charged by Rennes prosecutors with “interruption of legal duties by a parent endangering the health, safety, morals or education of his child” and “disadvantaging care or diet affecting the health of a minor”. accused under the age of 15 by an ancestor or an authorized person”. However, in an interview with BFMTV, the 48-year-old denied allegations of malnutrition and her child’s alleged weight at the time of recording. In her opinion, her son would always do it “had enough to eat”. As for the child’s education, she would have homeschooled him.

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The little boy was placed with child welfare, a placement that has since been renewed. A child judge is currently monitoring his situation. The forty-year-old is initially under judicial supervision and is awaiting her verdict. It will take place in the Criminal Court on October 5.

The woman faces up to two years in prison, a fine of 30,000 euros and a fine of up to seven years and 100,000 euros.