Win your dream trip to South Korea

Win your dream trip to South Korea

K-Selection cooperated with South Korea’s leading online and offline money transfer service provider GME Remittance offers you your dream trip !

GME transfer

GME transfer is the best solution to transfer money from South Korea to France or any French speaking country in Europe, Africa and more!

GME Remittance South Korea money transfer

Korean banks have high transaction and service fees and long waiting times. However, with GME Remittance you can send money quickly, cheaply and securely to more than 200 countries, be it in the form of a bank transfer or a cash withdrawal in less than 15 minutes.

Money transfer Korea France

GME’s service is also 90% cheaper than bank transfers.

transfer argent coree france europe

GME Remittance is licensed by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance to operate as the leading provider of non-bank money transfer services in South Korea.

Win your dream trip to South Korea

The service served more than 3,000 new customers for a flat service fee of 9,000 won (6.7 euros) for any amount between $5,000 and $50,000 per year. The flat rate is GME’s main selling point as Korean banks charge 4% or ~$40 for every $4000 sent.

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GME Remittance has an easy to use mobile app available on both ICI App Store etc Google Play StoreICI. The application is available in French and allows you to carry out transactions in just five minutes. Or directly on theirsr side GMEREMIT.

You can also benefit from:

  • payment abroad
  • Broadcast locally
  • GME Portfolio Statement
  • Smart Payout (ATM)
  • deposit
  • payment
  • Ready
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GME order

GME Remittance guarantees you a reliable service / Total real-time assistance 7/24 / French language support / Fast response from customer service.

Today, K-Selection has partnered with GME to bring you your dream trip to Seoul, all expenses paid for 5 days!

How to Participate: (All steps are required)

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  2. Like the contest entry and share it in story by mentioning both accounts.
  3. Also, mention a friend why you want to visit Korea
  4. Join our Fanned community IKI and participate in at least 5 discussions.
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