Will Willow have a second season on Disney+?

Will Willow have a second season on Disney+?

Event series this fall on Disney+, Willow was unlucky with the criticism. But did the public come in sufficient numbers to warrant a season 2?

Cult film for a generation, the film pasture Directed by Ron Howard in 1988, a serial sequel was offered on Disney+. If there’s magic in it pasture, we can’t say that the good fairies leaned on the cradle of this series installment. While Season 1 ended on Disney+ in early January, the platform just announced there will be no Season 2. If the brand remains important to Lucasfilm, television said: Stop! The undersized audience and likely overly high cost of the series at a time when Disney is reviewing its overall policies probably didn’t play in the series’ favor.

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The action takes place several years after the events narrated in the film. Princess Kit reunites Willow and a band of misfit heroes on a dangerous mission to rescue her twin brother, in a world full of wizards, trolls and other mystical creatures; Mission beyond your wildest imagination.

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