will there be trains for the winter holidays?

will there be trains for the winter holidays?

The showdown between the government and the unions continues on the eve of the second day of mobilization, scheduled for January 31st. And then ? Are we going on a holiday without trains?

While the second day of anti-pension reform mobilization is expected on January 31, unions are already planning to follow the movement. Although nothing is known yet, a different trend is emerging: a strike on February 7th and 8th (to stick to the planned days of February 6th-8th in the energy sector), then, if the government does not give up, a Strike, which may be extended from mid-February. The idea is clear, to move the press to the February holidays and the numerous planned departures on vacation by train. In particular, mid-February would correspond to departure on vacation from zone C, which includes Paris in particular.

If the union has opinion firmly on its side at the moment, threatening furloughs is a risky bet. ” The government did not envisage a ceasefire in the reform explained on France Info Philippe Martinez. But being so quick to announce the risk of a February holiday lockdown is perhaps not wanting to do business with the government, who might be tempted to do nothing (if they’re thinking of doing anything) until then and play holiday laziness and the to reverse opinion. The problem is that punishing holiday departures has become increasingly common over the years and is very frowned upon (and in this case, political power worldwide is never held accountable).

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We should know by the end of the day of the 31st what will happen, only the CGT Cheminots and SUD-Rail have considered this mobilization at the moment with the idea of ​​​​in their leaflet ” to meet in plenary sessions from January 31st and to debate how to intensify the action“. Will union unity stand up to this “threat”? It’s still too early to tell…