Will there be a Vortex season 2?

Will there be a Vortex season 2?

With Vortex ending tonight on France 2, fans of the series are hoping for a possible Season 2. Will this be the case?

Will Mélanie be rescued without disrupting Ludovic’s life? The question finds its answer in the last two episodes of tonight whirl. But as always, one can legitimately wonder if a season is the day. Many elements in the final installment could very well open up towards a season 2, the series contains the stuff necessary to tell a new story, elements that are not “free” and that the writers have distilled here and there to have: ” The principle of a series is to have an unsolvable problem. So let’s put this impossible suspense at the end to ask the question and stick with it‘ explains Camille Couasse. Sarah Farkas, co-creator, for clarification: “As a writer, we always have ideas for season 2, but we also need to know when to stop because of the risk of a weaker season. The only risk is to duplicate the idea of ​​Season 1«

whirl is therefore not intended for a season 2. The very beautiful scene at the end of Episode 6 will indeed mark the end of the story and the series. Unless the channel decides otherwise…

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