Will there be a sequel to Remember Last Summer?

Will there be a sequel to Remember Last Summer?

Following the return of Halloween and Scream, another slasher franchise could be making a comeback: Remember Last Summer?

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. return in new sequel remember last summer ? At least that’s what our colleagues from Deadline reveal. Building on the success of ScreamSony would like to relaunch this other franchise and produce Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (screenwriter on Thor: Love and Thunder). The project would be at the very beginning of its development and Sony is refusing to confirm this at the moment. The idea would be for Hewitt and Prinze to pass the baton to a new generation of characters struggling with the fisherman.

Started in 1997 after the success of Scream, remember last summer known to have had 3 sequels (and 1 series that has nothing to do with it). Only the first two parts featured the characters of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. At the end of the second film, when we thought the “Fisherman” Ben Willis was really dead, Julie James was attacked by Willis hiding under his bed…without anyone ever knowing if it was reality or a wink Friday 13.

On National Day night, Julie, Helen, Ray and Barry accidentally run over a stranger. With fear for their future jeopardized by this tragedy, they decide to make the body go away and vow not to tell anyone, ever. The following summer, each of the four friends is confronted with terrible events. You have to face the facts: someone knows what they did and seems determined to make them pay for it.

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