Will there be a season 2 at the Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec?

Will there be a season 2 at the Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec?

TF1 broadcast the last two episodes of Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec last night. Are there plans for a second season of the series?

After 3 weeks of airtime High School Toulouse Lautrec ended its first season with a shocking finale for fans. And as with every end of a season, a prelude to a second season is also possible. But will Season 2 see the light of day?

At this stage it is impossible to answer it. TF1 is still awaiting confirmation of the consolidated hearings on D+7 to make a decision. The broadcaster will also look at the series’ market share. Sometimes a weaker audience but with a very strong PDM can lead to renewal. In the case of the series, the signals are more green, both in terms of reruns, where the series is a hit, and in terms of around 30% market share of the FRDA, the preferred target of advertisers. Difficult, if you add an award at the TV Fiction Festival and good press feedback, to not already consider a second season in writing.

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