Will PSG leave the Parc des Princes?

Will PSG leave the Parc des Princes?

The PSG president announced on Wednesday 23 November that the team was considering a move to the Stade de France

difficult negotiations

Nasser Al-Khelaifi claims to be in talks with the city of Paris about PSG staying at Parc des Princes. According to the owner, the city of Paris is trying to force the club to leave. Lots of negotiations are going on, notably about the potential takeover of the Stade de France. The club owner said: ” We spent €70m to improve the Parc des Princes, but it’s not our stadium.”. Recently, City Hall has increased its prices significantly and according to Nasser Al-Khelaifi, Qatari sporting director, the best solution would be not to move. In the latest news it said: “There are discussions around the sale and we told them: before we even know if we want to sell, we have to agree on a price. Today we have not yet reached the end of these discussions.”

What would change

PSG striker Kyllian Mbappe has stated that he doesn’t necessarily intend to return to this field. “We have been discussing with them for five years. The president said local leaders dodged each new hearing: “The same false promises every time. We are tired“. It was therefore a solid confrontation, opposed by the owner of the club and the leaders of the Parc des Princes. If the park were bought, the owner would spend a lot of money to modernize the place and increase its capacity. If until If no agreement is reached, the President proposes that the club could change houses.

Prince Park

The Stade de France, a new home?

Qatar already invested heavily in 2016 to renovate much of the park’s infrastructure, particularly the enclosure (at least 80 million euros). Today the Paris Council is asking for a price beyond reality (about 350 million euros). “We want to find a reasonable agreement, but today the Paris Council is on another planet,” said the club’s management.

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Originally, Qatar wanted to expand the 48,000-seater park to accommodate more (60,000 seats). Therefore, the acceptance of the purchase of the Stade de France is likely, the stadium has 80,000 seats, enough to please the president who wanted to increase the number of seats. Other possible locations are currently being discussed, QSI (Quatar Sport Investment) would explore the possibilities of moving the players to the New Poissy Training Center or even Saint Cloud racecourse in Rueil-Bad House.

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