Will homeless people really be relocated before the Olympics?

Will homeless people really be relocated before the Olympics?

The government intends to relocate thousands of homeless people from Paris to the regions ahead of the 2023 Rugby World Cup and Paris 2024 Olympics. We explain the controversy to you.

The government wants homeless people to leave Paris and move to the provinces. For the prefectures, it is a question of creating “temporary regional reception areas” to accommodate them in other regions in order to “release the accommodation centers in Paris”.

Nearly 5,000 emergency shelter rooms were lost, according to MP Maud Gatel.

According to Pascal Brice, President of the Federation of Solidarity Actors, “It is fundamentally positive to welcome people in almost everywhere in France in good conditions, instead of leaving them on the streets in Île-de-France, but is it that do we give ourselves the means to do it?’ to do it? (…) There is a lack of shelter” and it needs “political impetus from the Ministry of the Interior for real support (…)”. If the goal is to get people on buses and then not worry about it, it’s about them Distribution, not recording. »

Ian Brossat, deputy mayor of Paris responsible for housing, tweeted:

“Macron’s goal was zero homelessness. Though he didn’t succeed (nor did he really try), he’s content to kill the homeless. “.

Advocating a necessary consultation with local elected officials, he stressed on BFMTV on May 24: “All of this is happening in spite of common sense (…).” All of this is a purely government initiative, an initiative incumbent on the government (…) We must do so with local elected officials. (…) None of this will work, we have to work together with the elected municipal representatives (…) That is the prerequisite for the success of all this.”

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Clémentine Autain, La France Insoumise MP for Seine-Saint-Denis, said: “After the students have been evicted from their CROUS shelters, here the homeless and migrants are invited to go far from Paris.” The Olympic Games will take place in 2024 held, but France are already the big favorites for the title of indecency. »

In a recent interview, Éric Constantin, director of the Abbé Pierre Foundation in Ile-de-France, expressed doubts about the possibility of finding dignified and lasting solutions to free vulnerable people from their situation in just three weeks while redirecting them to the regions. He also points to a worrying coincidence between hosting the Olympics and a program aimed at sending migrants to the provinces. And I wonder if the government deliberately tried to break up the camps before millions of people arrived in France…

So what chance does the calendar have with the upcoming 2023 Rugby World Cup and 2024 Olympics? On Thursday 25 May, Olivier Klein, the delegated minister for towns and housing, was questioned by Apolline de Malherbe on the subject Apollo morning on RMC and RMC Story. In his opinion, this has nothing to do with: with 100,000 homeless people in the Ile-de-France, “the objective is to reduce the number of homeless people in the Ile-de-France (…) to provide support for the proximity in the to preserve provinces.” And all this happens with the Solidarity Associations.” He reiterated: “The aim is to provide better support (…). We support the people in the provinces in small reception centers (…) until the end of 2024, so it is not difficult in the short term.” He further clarified that these are volunteers. When asked if no one would be forced to move, that there was no obligation, that no one would be “forced on buses,” he assured him, “Of course no,” adding, “Those who wish to return afterwards in the Paris region (…) come back…”.

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