Will BRI have a second season on Canal+?

Will BRI have a second season on Canal+?

Tonight, Canal+ will air the final two episodes of its BRI series and many fans are hoping for a second season on the channel.

With BRI, Canal+ wanted to renew its offer of detective series after the closure of Gears. Directed by Jérémie Guez, the series brought together a cast of talented actors new to television. But can the series hope for a return?

At the BRI Versailles, a historic unit specializing in organized crime, Saïd leads a team of elite young cops who are as ruthless as they are efficient. The former Special Forces member replaces Patrick, a charismatic leader who built his police legend through 20 years working with Éric, leader of a Parisian underworld clan. Saïd must find his place in his group while preventing a gang war from breaking out between Eric’s family and the El Hassani brothers’ family. But without counting on Patrick, who was determined to return to the stage if Saïd refused to take sides in this reckoning that could set the capital on fire.

If the broadcaster did not want to decide about the renewal of the series for the time being, several elements speak in favor of a second season. Firstly, Canal + has reported very often on the great success of the series, placing it at the best viewers start of a series. With this new series, the series was then talked about very often, the reviews both in the public and in the press were positive. We will probably have to wait a little longer, but this confirmation should certainly come very quickly.

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