Why use a connected key fob?

Why use a connected key fob?

Connected keychains have found their place in our coat pocket or in our bag for a number of years. The whole point of this little object is to save you from losing your belongings. But that’s far from the only feature of this connected gadget. Here we take stock of its usefulness and the best models currently available on the market.

What is a connected key fob?

A connected keychain is simply an object connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. With a surface area of ​​just a few inches, it easily attaches to your keychain or any other item you regularly lose (like your glasses).

Be careful though, your connected fob can work just a few meters away from the smartphone it’s connected to. Most will sound an alarm to let you know when the two objects are too far apart.

What is a connected key fob used for?

As I’m sure you understood, the main purpose of a connected keychain is to allow you to geolocate an object that you usually lose. The latter actually emits a ringtone on request to help you get your hands on it.

For example, a networked key fob can make it possible to find a bunch of keys, a smartphone or even a pair of glasses. You can also use it to control other connected objects. For example, it is possible to switch on a lamp remotely or activate another home automation device.

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How do I choose the right connected key fob?

Due to its practicality and affordable price, the connected key fob is a huge hit among consumers. Many high-tech brands now offer their own model. To choose the right one for your needs, consider the following purchasing criteria:

  • Autonomy: some models work with a battery (with an average lifespan of one year). Please note that some batteries are not replaceable.
  • The range: Depending on the key fob connected, it can range from a few meters to a few tens of meters.
  • ringtone volume. Loud ringtone will make it easier for you to locate the lost item, especially when your device’s range is long.
  • geofencing With this option, you will receive a notification when your connected key fob is too far from your smartphone. It will increase the price of your device, but depending on the situation, it will come in very handy.

The 3 best connected keychains

Now that you know the different criteria for choosing the right connected key fob depending on its use, here are the best models available on the market:

  • Tracker Apple AirTag : This accessory is very handy for finding the things you usually lose. Thanks to AirTags, you can easily locate your objects in the Find app, which also allows you to recognize your Apple devices and even keep track of your loved ones. In the new Leclerc catalog you will also find a set of 4 AirTags for less than 120 euros.
  • Aog heritage : This multifunctional connected key fob has a range of 40 meters and a geo-fencing function that alerts you when your object is very far from your smartphone. It even has an LED flash. Price: 15 euros.
  • tractor : This connected fob works with the “iTrackEasy” application available for Android or iOS. It also works via Bluetooth and can be used to remotely trigger your smartphone camera. Price: €15.50.
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