Why should we watch again… Fatal Liaison by Adrian Lyne (1987)?

Why should we watch again… Fatal Liaison by Adrian Lyne (1987)?

This is what we call a “classic” of the genre: Liaison Fatale comes out on BR at the end of the year and we would highly recommend seeing it (again).

To mark its 35th anniversary, the film by Adrian Lyne, Deadly connectionoffers an XXL release in BR Collector to better appreciate this film that over time has become a reference.

For his simple but unrelenting pitch

Deadly connection is a fairly simple story, a love thriller with “deadly” consequences. Dan (Michael Douglas) has a one night stand with Alex (Glenn Close). Not wanting to lose his family for a one night stand, Dan doesn’t go after Alex. But Alex is not a woman to leave and she will make Dan, his family and his little bunny pay a heavy price!!! The suspense is there until the end of the film and certain scenes will shape the spirits. The story of the psychopathic lover who sends her lover through hell for abandoning her will inspire writers. Therefore, there is little doubt that this inspired the authors of West Coast the big arc to write Jill in Season 9-10.

Pour Glenn Close

The actress is absolutely phenomenal in this film. Both sensual and dangerous. Her face to face with Michael Douglas is stinging and she carries the film pretty solidly. Three more years with nerves bare, Robert De Niro will be bringing a “male” version of this character who molests his congeners to death. This story will pave the way for other roles of powerful women, which Glenn Close will play beautifully in Patty’s likeness damage.

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For Michael Douglas

If the actor is already known to the public (he was the hero of the series The streets of San Francisco in the 1970s) he finds a character typology in the role of Dan that suits him very well. Dan is reminiscent of Nick Curran in primal instinct, always facing a disturbed woman, like a stone facing him. The incarnation of Michael Douglas is solid there, but in the future the multiplication of these types of roles will give him some worries.