Why is Marine Le Pen going to Senegal this Monday?

Why is Marine Le Pen going to Senegal this Monday?

Marine Le Pen has to travel to Senegal from this Monday, January 16th, to take care of her international image and to present her vision of “Euro-African common development”. The leader of the RN will fly to Dakar for three days to outline a binational relationship she has been working on for several years.

Africa in sight. This Monday, January 16th, the President of the National Rally Group flies to Dakar for three days in assembly to make France and Senegal “the two motors of a rediscovered relationship of trust between Europe and Africa”. An ambitious project, long in preparation, aimed in particular at preserving his presidency.

Marine Le Pen will not take part in the demonstrations and the first strikes against the pension reform. For several weeks, his key advisers and executives had been pursuing the secret strategy of temporarily lifting their leader “above” Franco-French partisan debates, thereby strengthening his international and presidential standing through this trip. In this context, Marine Le Pen was able to meet the President of Senegal, Macky Sall, on her first ever trip to West Africa.

A detailed plan

If the political strategy is calculated, Marine Le Pen will not go to Senegal “empty-handed”. In a column published this Monday in L’Opinion, the potential future candidate for the 2027 presidential election describes her ambitions: to restore the sometimes tumultuous relationship between Senegal and France in order “to weigh together at the WTO as in the bloc” negotiations on block in order to succeed in this complex reconciliation of the balance of societies with the requirements of sustainable growth”. As such, the political leader will discuss food security, health and, most importantly, the industrialization of Africa.

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The choice of Senegal is no coincidence. While she had collected 6.09% of the French vote in Senegal, Marine Le Pen wants to be part of the continuity of the “conquest” of that country during the first round of the 2022 presidential elections. Between the two rounds she had asked for her a permanent seat on the Security Council assigned to the United Nations.

Many years of work in Africa

A seduction operation that reinforces a long-term work carried out since 2017, during which the candidate had traveled to Chad, Egypt and Lebanon to promote and, above all, enforce her plan for “more transparent and effective cooperation between Europe and Africa”. from “Francafrique”.

On the ground, Marine Le Pen will find himself in a country whose political situation is tense, to say the least, with a President of the Republic ending his second term, the last under the Senegalese Constitution, and who has just lost his absolute majority in general elections last summer. A political context reminiscent of France that the head of the RN will not miss with her Senegalese counterparts.