Why is it absolutely necessary to see or re-watch Interstellar?

Why is it absolutely necessary to see or re-watch Interstellar?

While the next Nolan, Oppenheimer, is due out this summer, you’ll need to dive into Interstellar on Netflix in the meantime.

what is interstellar As Earth dies, a team of astronauts step through a wormhole that has appeared near Saturn, leading to another galaxy to explore a new star system in hopes of finding and settling on a habitable planet. A Space Colony to Save Humanity.

The history of cinema is based on these great films that leave an indelible mark on our memories. Not only Interstellar is one of them, but it arouses the same emotion every time you look at it. Here are the reasons that should make you want to watch or watch the movie currently available on Netflix.

A very big story

Science fiction is powerful when it tells us something about our world and our times. Given the current climate challenges Interstellar sounds like the Tossin that sounds before the fight begins. The story is powerful, beautiful and terribly dramatic. Christopher Nolan takes us on a fascinating and terrifying journey into the infinity of the stars and the universe. If we are really intrigued by the possibilities presented, space is first presented as a hostile place where all possible and imaginable dramas take place. The human sacrifice in the background can only shake and upset, largely thanks to ruthless twists and turns, because it holds the mystery. We’ll even regret the ending he chose, even if the emotions are still there.

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Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain are great

As Interstellar is above all a great story between a father and his daughter, we could also add Mackenzie Foy who plays a younger Murphy. But the two actors have a heartbreaking dialogue throughout the film and the father-daughter love story shown here is one of the most beautiful stories in cinema. McConaughey is just awesome during the 2h40 movie, especially in the last part of the movie when he tries to find his daughter again. Like an echo, Jessica Chastain goes through different emotional states and gradually overcomes them. The climax of the film comes when he realizes that time has passed, and for her when she believes her father just left him.

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A stunning soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

With InterstellarEven the composer’s critics can concede that he has managed to create a very large score that contains everything that makes great music. Simultaneously with its recurring sounds turned towards the stars, the music of the film is also of an unbelievable sadness, even a real despair. It is very difficult not to be seized by emotions as soon as you hear the first notes. The music is haunting and swirls in the head like a powerful and emotional echo. Undoubtedly Zimmer’s best score.

A life lesson

Beyond the political, social and civilizational message that the film conveys and that makes it so powerful, Interstellar is also a great life lesson, reminding us that it’s important to tell each other things before it’s too late. “Don’t make me go like this” he said to Murph before he flew to the stars. The film reminds us that things left unsaid can be devastating to those who experience them. It’s also a film that reminds us of the need to fight, not just for ourselves but for everyone: “Don’t go obediently into this sweet night“…

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