Why has “La Madrague” become the star’s hideaway?

Why has “La Madrague” become the star’s hideaway?

On the occasion of the broadcast of the Bardot series on France 2 on May 8th, zoom in on this residence symbol of an era and become Brigitte Bardot’s Eldorado

A very personal place

It was the 1964 song “la plageabandone” that had brought great fame to this house, which was bought by BB in 1956. At that time Bardot had already played And God created woman, her former husband Roger Vadim, who made him a star. The house was originally just a boathouse. The actress designed, built and flowered everything herself. Countless flowers, carnations, blueberries and even fuchsias quickly scattered the garden of the former fisherman’s hut. Now La Madrague is the sanctuary of hundreds of animals that the actress has been caring for with love and dedication for years.

The symbol of an era

On the beach, the house quickly became the target of paparazzi, who repeatedly washed out the star’s privacy. It owes its reputation to the fact that it welcomed all Brigitte’s lovers, directors, models and jetsetters of the 1960s. It has become the theater of the golden age of Saint-Tropez. Saint Tropez has become Saint Tropez with La Madrague. Stormed by journalists and other curious onlookers, the actress built a wall for a little more privacy. However, this little paradise that the actress loves so much in her song is still an essential place for tourist visits by boat. In front of the gate, two large eucalyptus trees have their trunks covered with messages engraved by his admirers.

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His last refuge

After devoting half his life to men, cinema and the object of all attention, Bardot decided to be buried at La Madrague. It’s been more than 25 years since she took up residence there and she wants to be buried in her garden, close to the animals she loved and spoiled. Owned by his animal welfare association, La Madrague becomes a small museum after his death, allowing the public to tour the site in small groups. This house will remain a rallying point for the world of stars.

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