Why (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon prefers her “good side” and why it doesn’t make sense

Why (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon prefers her “good side” and why it doesn’t make sense

Like any successful pop diva Mariah Carey etc Ariana Grande(G) – REPOSthe lead singer of miyeon has a favorite side of her face.

Miyeon | entertainment cube

About his performance as a singer Yo Hyunathe show, Every day is Thursday eveningMiyeon started on the right side of the screen, showing the left side of her face whenever she looked at the host.

Jo Hyunah (left) and Miyeon (right) | @EverydayIsThursdayNight/YouTube

Before the interview began, however, he asked a favor from Jo Hyunah: “Can we switch seats?

When asked why, Miyeon replied, “This side of me is prettier. and Jo Hyunah’s reaction was priceless.

Miyeon then exclaimed that the left side of her face was “crushed.” Jo Hyunah asked what we were thinking: “What are you talking about?!

Jo Hyunah switched seats for the singer without hesitation and the interview continued with Miyeon sitting on the left side of the screen.

When netizens saw this scene, they couldn’t understand how Miyeon, a singer known for her flawless looks, could even do it think She had a bad side. Some of them joked that if his face “crushed“Then is yours”destroyed.”

| instagram and theqoo

  • “The other side…she’s pretty too…she’s pretty, period…”
  • “You don’t know what ‘Crushed’ really looks like, huh”
  • “Dizzy, so empty to watch on loop”
  • “I’m sorry, but I’m devastated everywhere”
  • “So we’re ripped off”
  • “…Miyeon, you’re going to get in trouble.”
  • So I guess I’m minced garlic.”

Watch the full clip here.

fountain: @EverydayIsThursdayNight/YouTube

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