Why Does Gasoline Smell Bad?

Why Does Gasoline Smell Bad?


After the price hike Pertalite above, there is an interesting fact found about it gas. Some people actually like the smell of gasoline.

The question is, why does gasoline smell? Maybe you need to listen to these scientific reasons.

As reported from Discover Magazineoil actually’cocktail‘ chemicals with many ingredients including lubricants, rust inhibitors, and hydrocarbons. Among many things, benzene is one of the things that cause the smell of oil.

Benzene is added to gasoline to increase the octane level so that engine performance increases and fuel consumption is more efficient. When compared, benzene smells really bad and can be caught immediately.

Mind you, liking the smell of benzene is not a strange thing, really.

In the 1800s and 1900s, benzene was added to aftershaves and douches to give it a pleasant smell. Benzene is also used as a solvent for bad coffee.

However, this practice did not last long because benzene is known as a carcinogen and is dangerous if ingested or exposed for a long time.

So, can inhaling the smell of petrol at petrol stations cause health problems?

Basically, gasoline stores dangerous compounds. However, you don’t need to worry, because all the ingredients in the oil are small and controlled so they are harmless.

Concentrate Science ABCThe benzene content in gasoline is only about one percent.

Although the quantity is not much, the smell can be smelly and make some people feel good.


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