Why do the “depression galleries” worry Koreans?

Why do the “depression galleries” worry Koreans?

Unfortunately, South Korea is known as one of the countries with the highest suicide rate, especially among young people.

Recently, several cases of suicides filmed and broadcast on social networks have worried netizens. They show an upward trend in the country.

Sad man suffering from mental illness sitting on the floor.  Boy surrounded by depression disorder symptoms: anxiety, crisis, tears, exhaustion, loss, overworked, tired.

The online community DC Inside has several threads and “galleries”. Each gallery is a sub-community within the DC Inside umbrella.

The one that draws attention is called the “depression gallery.” This is where people with depression come together and talk, looking for comfort and orientation.

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At first glance, the Depression Gallery appears to be a positive self-help community.

Unfortunately, some join her to find “mates,” thus making suicide pacts.

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On May 6, Gangnam Police Station announced that two teenagers, aged 17 and 15, attempted to carry out the crime at Hannam Bridge at around 3:55 am. The whole process was broadcast live on social media.

Luckily, one of the account’s followers alerted the police to let them know his friend was trying to commit suicide. Both teenagers were rescued and returned to their caregivers. They had recently met through the Depression Gallery.

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On April 16, a young girl of 19th floor of a building in Gangnam. She was part of the Depression Gallery community and her performance was broadcast across social media.

She was supposed to jump with someone from the online community with whom she had made a pact, but they pulled out at the last moment.

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As these types of cases become more common, concerned netizens are demanding that something be done to shut down these galleries.

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Some even think DC Inside should be shut down. Others think that there should at least be more moderation.

What do you think ?