Why Do British Soldiers Wear Furry Hats?

Why Do British Soldiers Wear Furry Hats?


You may have wondered why the guards died War Elizabeth II must be included hat which is very large. Has this law been in effect for a long time?

A black hat, paired with a bright red shirt in the army’s signature style United Kingdom. You can see it in postcards, miniatures, video shows or when you visit the country yourself.

At first glance, the hat looks good when used. In addition, the length is very long.

To intimidate opponents

The tall hats worn by the guards of the late Queen of England were actually made not for decoration. Instead of being beautiful, the hat was put up with the intention of scaring the enemy soldiers.

Concentrate Science of LifeThis hat was designed as an important piece of equipment against the British enemy in the 1800s.

“The idea is to make the military look tall and scary,” said London-based royalist Richard Fitzwilliams.

This large hat and red shirt was deliberately worn by French soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars. It is not only England, in fact, the uniform with such a large hat style was also worn by the security officers of the Napoleonic Empire.

It is made of bear fur

The furry black hat is made from Canadian black fur (Give America) are destroyed every year to control their numbers.
That being said, it is clear that no bear was killed specifically to make this 18 or 46 inch hat.

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However, the idea of ​​wearing this hat still makes some people feel uncomfortable.

Security officers patrol the grounds of Buckingham Palace in central London on September 8, 2022. - Fears grew on September 8, 2022 for Queen Elizabeth II after Buckingham Palace said her doctors had British soldiers wore distinctive red uniforms and tall black hats. (AFP/DANIEL LEAL)

In fact, since Britain left the European Union in 2020, there has been talk of banning the trade in fur. Currently, however, the British Army buys between 50 and 100 items, which cost about $900 per year.

Another story says that the black hat that British soldiers wear now comes from the battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Concentrate We are the Almighty, the French Empire led by Napoleon against England was also defeated. The British army adopted the uniform of the French army, including the now iconic leather helmet.

In other words, it is rumored that the British soldiers took hats from the dead bodies of the French who were defeated.


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