Why Diamond Jewelry Became The Symbol Of The British Royal Family?

Why Diamond Jewelry Became The Symbol Of The British Royal Family?


Throughout his life, the deceased War Elizabeth II she is almost never seen without her makeup.

The royal ladies will also wear diamond jewelery as they pay their respects to the Queen at her state funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday (19/11).

In the past week since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the British royal family has been mourning black people when they appear in public. There is another accessory that is most often seen in the appearance of royal women, namely diamond jewelry. Whether in the form of necklaces, earrings, or bracelets.

So, why are pearls the special jewelry that royal women wear during mourning?

Jewelry historian Vivienne Becker says the use of diamond jewelry in times of mourning is an inherited tradition. Since the Renaissance, Queen Elizabeth I.

“[Mengenakan mutiara] It means wearing jewelry that is colorless and does not sparkle or shine. By choosing pearls, he shows respect and humility,” he said as quoted by Vogue.

Natural crystals found accidentally in mollusk shells are rare natural wonders that have fascinated everyone since ancient times. The Greeks believed that crystals were created from the tears of a god. Later in Hindu culture, pearls are associated with the moon, a symbol of wisdom and purity.

In the current situation in Chinese culture, pearls are placed in the mouths of the dead as protection, to facilitate their journey to the afterlife. Melanie Georgacopoulos, a designer and diamond jewelry expert, says that diamonds are a symbol of elegance and can be associated with all cultures around the world.

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During the Renaissance, Queen Elizabeth I wore diamond jewelry to complement her image as a young queen. To him, diamonds represented purity and holiness even though diamonds at the time were more associated with power and wealth due to their rare status.

It was during the reign of Queen Victoria that pearls were first associated with mourning. The Queen was 42 years old when she lost her beloved husband, Prince Albert, in 1861, which made her spend the rest of her 40 years in mourning.

This situation led to a new set of ethics for the bereaved British community, especially widows, as Clare Phillips, Curator of Jewelery at the Victoria and Albert Museum, wrote in the book ‘Jewels and Jewellery’ . However, this law is obviously not strictly followed.

Queen Elizabeth II wore one of these while waiting for the casket of her father, King George VI, to arrive at King’s Cross Station, in February 1952. A necklace adorned with a large diamond accompanied Princess Diana when she was mourning the death of Princess Grace. Monaco in 1982.

She also wore a diamond necklace at the funeral of her best friend, designer Gianni Versace, in July 1997.

Princess Charlotte of Wales (L), Prince George of Wales (2nd L) and Britain's Catherine, Princess of Wales (2nd R) arrive at Westminster Abbey in London on September 19, 2022, for the funeral service of Britain's Queen Elizabeth .  II.  (Photo by Geoff PUGH/POOL/AFP)Photo: AFP/GEOFF PUGH
Kate Middleton

Following in the footsteps of their mother-in-law, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wore diamond jewelry while attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Hall a few days ago. All jewelry is known to be a gift from the Queen.

At the same time, Queen Consort Camilla was also seen wearing a four-row diamond necklace and matching earrings.


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