Why Balmoral Castle is Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite

Why Balmoral Castle is Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite


You Elizabeth I died a Balmoral Castle on Thursday (8/9/2022) local time. Balmoral Castle is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II’s residence is at Buckingham Palace in London, England. The distance from Balmoral Castle to Buckingham Palace is 804 km or it takes nine hours by road.

During her illness, Queen Elizabeth II stayed at Balmoral Castle. Balmoral Castle was the summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II and is said to be the favorite residence of the lady who died aged 96.

As reported AFP, this summer, Queen Elizabeth is coming to Balmoral Castle from July 21. The Queen’s first meeting with the new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, was held at this castle, because the Queen’s condition did not allow her to go to Buckingham Palace.

So, what exactly made a woman named Elizabeth Alexandra Mary prefer Balmoral Castle? The house overlooks the River Dee and is close to Lochnagar Hill.

Queen Elizabeth II once said that Balmoral Castle is a perfect place to breathe freedom and peace. The palace is also the private property of the queen.

Since she was a child, Queen Elizabeth II spent every summer in this castle, until the last days of her life. Balmoral Castle was inherited by his family. Prince Albert bought the building for Queen Victoria from the Farquharson family in 1852.

(Restricted rights to specific editorial clients in Germany.) Elisabeth II *21.04.1926 - Queen of Great Britain since 1953 - Anne, Prince Philip with Prince Andrew, Elisabeth and Charles in front of Balmoral Castle, Scotland, the family's summer residence (Photo. by ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images)Balmoral Castle is a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo: ullstein bild via Getty Images)

It was here that Prince Philip married Queen Elizabeth in 1946. Come summer, Prince Philip and You Elizabeth II often relax in this castle.

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Queen Elizabeth’s second granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, who is Prince Andrew’s younger sister, once said that Balmoral Castle is a wonderful place for grandparents, because it “has room to breathe and run”.

“Travels, vacations, dogs, lots of dogs, there are always dogs, and people are in and out all the time,” Princess Eugenie said.

Balmoral Castle has an area of ​​50,000 hectares with 11 rooms. There are 150 buildings in the house, where the royal family employs about 200 workers to guard the house.

During April to July, Balmoral Castle is open to the public and visitors can stroll through the gardens and look out from the great hall inside. Near the house there is also a gift shop and accommodation.

Entering July, the gates of the castle will be closed as Queen Elizabeth II and her family rest until October before returning to Buckingham Palace. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the ownership Balmoral Castle directly fell into the hands of Prince Charles or who is now King Charles III.


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