“Why are you so authoritarian?” • Kpop News

“Why are you so authoritarian?” • Kpop News

Netizens were intrigued by HYBE’s joint account with SM entitled “SM with HYBE”. People shared their thoughts on a forum and expressed their shock.

HYBE introduces online accounts via the SM with HYBE campaign

On March 2, HYBE unveiled the “SM with HYBE” campaign to share their business plans and focus on SM Entertainment shareholders.

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With this campaign, HYBE aims to protect the shareholder value of the current management of SM Entertainment. The agency also plans to crack down on current management’s initiation of unsubstantiated financial projections and emotional videos that sway public opinion.

HYBE released a video announcing its plans to preserve shareholder value. The strategies were shared by Jung Jin Soo, HYBE’s legal director.

HYBE's joint account with SM Entertainment has people scratching their heads:

(Photo: Twitter: @SMwithHYBE)

Instead, another video was posted that focused on SM’s growth direction and shareholder policies. The video was hosted by Jason Lee, President of HYBE America and SM Entertainment’s internal managerial candidate.

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Aside from their YouTube releases, HYBE has also managed to create a separate account on Twitter. The social media platform was populated by netizens intrigued by HYBE’s “readiness” to merge with SM Entertainment.

HYBE logo

(Photo: Twitter: @HYBEOFFICIALtwt)

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In one forum, others called the conglomerate “overbearing” and insisted on preventing the two companies from merging. Meanwhile, some netizens expressed their disbelief at the whole situation. They talked about how unexpected this was for SM as they are the pioneers of K-Pop.

Read their comments below:

“Who would have thought that SM would come one day.”

” Already ? They say they are together even if things are not finalized. Why are they so authoritarian?

“Looks like they’re just shoving each other.”

“It’s even more innovative than these truck protests.”

“Even HYBE fans wanted SM to go with cocoa. Stop mixing the two already.”

“So this is a shareholder account? What are they giving to artists and fans?

Watch the following HYBE videos:

Shareholder of HYBE Proposition


SMS growth direction and shareholder return policy


Pink Bloods set up a protest truck in front of HYBE

In other news, SM Entertainment fans have alerted Pink Bloods to the ongoing delivery of the protest truck to HYBE.

pink blood

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On February 28, SM declared “protection” of SM culture and opposed HYBE’s monopoly.

This eventually led to them sending a protest truck past the HYBE building. There they voiced their opposition to HYBE’s acquisition of SM Entertainment’s largest holding. Some legends were hostile to HYBE and their artists.

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Here are some of the translations:

“Lee Soo Man, who made a dinner and a rush with his tax evasion, and HYBE, the money-hungry company, are dropping SM. Monopoly destroys culture.”

“Hands off SM artists. Don’t make us insult HYBE artists.”

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