Why are there no patrons in hotel rooms? Here is the explanation

Why are there no patrons in hotel rooms? Here is the explanation


In Indonesia, roll It’s a familiar thing in bed, besides the pillow. However, during the stay a hotelyou won’t find any reinforcement on the mattress.

Pillows are provided only a hotel rooms. Apart from pillows, you get blankets which are usually arranged neatly on the bed.

After all, why aren’t fans always in hotel rooms? In fact, Indonesians are not used to sleeping with stimulants.

Bolster itself is known to be an unnecessary item in hotel rooms. The following is an explanation of why there are no patrons in the hotel room from the Marketing Director of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Aulianty Fellina.

Hotels Follow International Standards

Hotels around the world aim for the western style, which generally does not provide incentives or even do not use incentives on the bed. As well as hotels in Indonesia which also means western style.

Immaculate rolls

Many hotel guests think roll it is not clean. Different people can embrace stimulation and even quick skin care if there are guests who are used to sleeping without clothes.

It is feared that the stimulants can be a means of spreading diseases, such as skin diseases. Not surprisingly, many hotel guests around the world refuse to use the toiletries, because they feel dirty even though they have been washed.

English people don’t know Guling

Like the Spectacular Ocean Facing Retreat at W Bali HotelNo support available in hotel rooms (Photo: Courtesy W Bali Hotel)

This encouragement was introduced to the Indonesian people by the Dutch colonialists and is still used today. However, most countries in the world do not know the real incentive, so they do not need to provide hotels.

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Make Comfy Beds

For foreign tourists who have never used a booster, the presence of this substance actually makes the bed narrower. In fact, some people do not like the size of the mattress in order to sleep comfortably.

Know this fact, so you don’t need to be surprised when you stay at the hotel. Although the rooms do not provide incentives, hotels in Indonesia actually provide incentives. But, you usually need to ask the hotel first.


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