Why are people laughing at LE SSERAFIM’s latest ‘Unfried’ commercial? • Kpop News

Why are people laughing at LE SSERAFIM’s latest ‘Unfried’ commercial? • Kpop News

One of the most popular K-pop groups, THE SSERAFIM is no stranger to endorsement deals, with each member involved in individual brand deals.

Fans have been expecting a group collaboration lately, and it looks like their wait may be coming to an end soon. South Korean grocery chain Goobne Chicken has released a teaser hinting at their upcoming models that looks very similar to LE SSERAFIM’s comeback teaser for their album Unforgiven.

Teaser ‘Discontent’

The teaser, which quickly garnered attention, includes a cheeky twist on the album’s name, Unforgiven, turning it into “Unfried.” Chicken Goobne, known for its baked chicken as a healthier alternative to traditional Korean twice-fried chicken, cleverly incorporated a pun into its original Instagram post, using the phrase “An-twi-twi-twi,” which translates to “unfried” in Korean .

As well as referencing baked chicken, the phrase humorously mimics the chorus of LE SSERAFIM’s previous title track, Antifragile.

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Nevertheless, Goobne has since deleted the Instagram post in question. Netizens are reacting to the genius marketing moveBefore officially announcing THE SSERAFIM as their new model, Goobne

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Chicken’s hilarious marketing move has already caught the attention of netizens.

Many have expressed their amusement on social media platforms, with comments like “Unfried is so incredibly funny”, comments like “There are innovative marketing tactics at play here” and “Your intelligence is really impressive” floating around online. Some people also noticed the removal of the original post, expressing both surprise and continued amusement.

Announcement of new models expected soon

Goobne Chicken will announce the new models on April 27th KST. If confirmed for approval, THE SSERAFIM will follow in the footsteps of ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo and actress Park Bo Young, who have been the faces of Goobne Chicken since 2018.

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Why are people laughing at LE SSERAFIM’s latest ‘Unfried’ commercial?

Given LE SSERAFIM’s fitness-focused image, collaborating with a brand that promotes healthier eating options would be a smart move.

Exciting LE SSERAFIM 2023 updates: Japan debut, fan reunion and new album

In recent news, THE SSERAFIM have been making waves with their Japanese debut, fan gathering and the release of their first studio album Unforgiven.

On January 25, the group debuted in Japan with the single “Fearless,” which sold over 500,000 copies in Japan and later went double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. It’s also the first time a K-pop group has had such huge sales from just a debut single.

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Additionally, on January 30th, a logo movement teaser posted on the group’s official social media accounts announced their first-ever fan meeting titled “THE SSERAFIM Fan Meeting ‘Fearnada’ 2023 F/S”. The event, held in South Korea on March 18-19, attracted fans from all over the world.

To add to the excitement, Star News announced on March 16th that LE SSERAFIM would be releasing an album in early May.

Shortly thereafter, Source Music confirmed the news, stating that the comeback date would be announced later. Anticipation grew on April 3 when a teaser was released announcing the band’s debut studio album, Unforgiven. It will be released on May 1st. With all these exciting updates, 2023 is shaping up to be a monumental year for THE SSERAFIM and its fans.

Fans and netizens are eagerly awaiting the official announcement and are already enjoying the hilarious teaser campaign featuring their beloved K-pop group THE SSERAFIM.

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