Who will be in the cast of Beetlejuice 2?

Who will be in the cast of Beetlejuice 2?

After thirty-five long years of waiting, the BeetleJuice sequel is out and the cast is becoming clearer.

Remember. In 1988 Beetlejuice comes to the cinemas. In director Tim Burton’s second feature film, we discovered the story of Barbara and Adam Maitland, a young dead couple who are haunted in their former home where the Deetz family has just settled. To frighten these newcomers, the Maitlands invoke a “bio-exorcist” spirit, the famous Beetlejuice.

The fantasy horror comedy quickly became a success. From 1990 a sequel to the already cult film was planned, but this was not realised. It is only years later that the second part is finally published. And in case the synopsis hasn’t been announced yet, Warner Bros. reveals a rather gratifying cast.

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A 5 star cast

For this second work we’ll find some actors from the first part like Winona Ryder or Michael Keaton who keep the roles of Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice. At her side, new talent meets the fantastic, macabre and bizarre universe of the American director.

We will find Jenna Ortega, the heroine of the series Wednesday Who will play Lydia’s daughter? For her, it’s a new collaboration with Tim Burton, but also Al Gough and Miles Millar, the director and writers of Wednesday. The young actress is also accompanied by the director’s new companion and muse.Edward with the scissor hands : Cinema icon Monica Bellucci.

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And finally with them, known for crazy roles like the Green Goblin in SpidermanWillem Dafoe will appear as an out-of-town law enforcement agent, signing his first film collaboration with Burton.

Filming began in London on May 10th. Warner announces release in US theaters for September 6, 2024.