Who will appear in Hellbound 2 without Yoo Ah In? From Kim Sung Cheol to Moon Geun Young • Kpopnews

Who will appear in Hellbound 2 without Yoo Ah In? From Kim Sung Cheol to Moon Geun Young • Kpopnews

Actress Yoo Ah In has been removed from the Netflix series Hellbound 2 due to allegations of drug use. This position was filled by actor Kim Sung Cheol.

According to the cast of Hellbound 2 released by Netflix on March 2, viewers will be able to meet Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Shin RokLee Dong Hee and Yang Ik June in Hellbound 2 after Season 1. New faces Kim Sung Cheol Yang Dong Geun will be joined by Im Sung Jae and Cho Dong In, while Lune Geun Young will also make a special appearance.

“Hellbound” is a Netflix series that tells the story of a supernatural phenomenon that has people condemned to hell without warning and those who seek to reveal the reality of the resurrected religious group, the New Truth Society

In Hellbound 2, Kim Hyun Joo takes on the role of Min Hye Jin, a lawyer fighting the Arrowheads, a fanatical group that follows the New Truth Society. Meanwhile, Kim Sung Cheol takes on the role of Jeong Jin Soo, the leader of the New Truth Society, who hides the fact that he goes to Hell to protect his cult’s doctrine.

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Kim Shin Rok, Lee Dong Hee, Yang Ik June, and Lee Re, who respectively play Park Jeong Ja, Chairman Kim Jeong Chil, Jin Kyeong Hoon, and Jin Hee Jeong in Season 1, will also return in Season 1. 2 of Hellbound, detailing the stories of those who were at the center of the chaos.

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New characters will also appear to enrich the story of Hellbound. Specifically, Yang Dong Geun will play the head of the secret Sodo organization, while Lim Seong Jae will take on the role of a Sodo member who lost a loved one to the “Angel”. Additionally, Jo Dong In and Moon Geun Young will star as leaders of the Arrowhead gang, known as the Pinwheel and Sunshine Class Teacher, respectively.

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Based on a webtoon of the same name, “Hellbound” is written by Choi Gyu Seok and directed by Yeon Sang Ho, the creator of hits “Train to Busan” and “Peninsula.” Season 1 of the drama, which dealt with life and death, crime and punishment, self-reliance and coercion, etc., was praised by audiences and critics both in Korea and overseas.

Season 1 of Hellbound, which is raising high expectations among fans around the world after Netflix unveiled a new cast for Season 2, is available to watch on the OTT Netflix platform.

Source: Naver