Who was Leiji Matsumoto, that mangaka who just disappeared?

Who was Leiji Matsumoto, that mangaka who just disappeared?

85-year-old Leiji Matsumoto was a key character in the manga and signed significant works. He just left us!

Leiji Matsumotoone of the greatest mangaka that have created before all Captain HarlockShe just passed away at the age of 85.

Born in 1938, he became Osamu Tesuka’s assistant at the age of 15 after winning a competition with his first manga. Mitsubishi no Boken (The Adventures of a Bee).
Like many of his countrymen, Mastumoto was scarred by the atomic bombing of Japan, and these tragedies have left a deep mark on all of his work.
Before he created Albator and Harlock between 1977 and 1979, he was known for two other titles: Yamato, space battleship (1974) or Galaxy Express 999 (1977), the latter airing on the 5th. But with the worldwide success of Harlock, Matsumoto became known worldwide: “Harlock is my closest and oldest friend. He is my alter ego in his determination.he specified at the 2011 Annecy Animation Film Festival.

In 2012, France awarded him the Knight’s Medal of the Order of Arts and Letters and he celebrated his 60-year career at the Angoulême Festival.

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