Who was Jerry Springer, that American TV host who just disappeared?

Who was Jerry Springer, that American TV host who just disappeared?

Scandal show host Jerry Springer passed away yesterday, April 27, at the age of 79. He was the host of The Jerry Springer Show for 27 years before the show ended in the endless dramas in 2018.

real name Gerald Norman Springer, Jerry Springer his life did not begin peacefully, the beginning of his life and, to say the least, turbulent… He was born on February 13, 1944 in London. In the middle of World War II, his mother gave birth to him at Highgate tube station. The son of Jewish parents who had fled to Nazi Germany, he emigrated to the United States in 1949 at the age of only 5 aboard the Queen Mary.

Holder of a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University, Jerry Contrary to expectations, he enters politics. He becomes the Democratic mayor of the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. After leaving his political career behind Jerry Springer creates his own show with the same name as him. This show quickly gained notoriety and became a landmark on American trash TV.

Originally, it was nothing more than an ordinary talk show to debate or discuss about the political and social life of Americans. However, once he realized the excitement he could generate if he completely changed the concept of his show, Jerry took only one step to jump into a scandal. From that moment on, the show became a scene of dress clashes, with people talking about their problems and “trying to work them out” with those involved. Deception, breach, betrayal… The most unlikely and contradictory stories have been selected there to entertain audiences that love stunts and scandals. Anything was good for creating a stir, even if it meant ruining the contestants’ lives and relationships… So much for that Jerry Springer was sued many times during his career by his show’s contestants, who accused him of creating major negative consequences in their lives with his show instead of helping them…

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This man with an eventful career leaves behind thousands of television shows that are as problematic as they are entertaining. Despite his tumultuous life, he died peacefully yesterday of a “brief illness,” according to a family source…

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