Who is Snow Kong? ‘Beautiful Girl’ Identity Pictured Alongside SEVENTEEN DK – KpopNews.com

Who is Snow Kong? ‘Beautiful Girl’ Identity Pictured Alongside SEVENTEEN DK – KpopNews.com

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Who is Snow Kong? A “beautiful girl” identity is depicted alongside SEVENTEEN DK

During SEVENTEEN’s DK visit to Italy, his photo with a beautiful woman caught the attention of K-Pop fans and netizens. Who is she?

Who is Snow Kong?  identity of

(Photo: DIX-SEPT DK (@aapv_dk Twitter))

On February 24th, SEVENTEEN Dokyeom, also known as DK, flew to Italy via Incheon International Airport to attend Milan Fashion Week, which was held from February 21st to 27th.

In particular, DK participated in the fashion show, one of the events of MFW’23, as a representative of the luxury brand Bally. Other idols who attended the fashion week were Red Velvet Joy, NewJeans Hanni, BTS RM, Jeon Somi and many more.

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Indeed, his performance really stole the show as he flaunted a classy yet elegant charm in a sleek velvet suit. Then, with his clear and seductive facial features, especially his jaw line, his infectious smile and his red hair, he knew how to express the urban and soft charm!

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The overall appearance of DK in Milan is truly a blessing for all CARAT eyes!

‘Beautiful Woman’ alongside SEVENTEEN DK at Bally’s afterparty attracts attention

Who is Snow Kong?  identity of

(Photo: DK and Snow Kong (Kong Xueer Weibo))

During the event, DK also caught the attention of fans and netizens for his interaction with other world stars attending MFW.

Among them, K-pop fans are particularly curious about it.”beautiful woman” who met SEVENTEEN DK in Italy. During Bally’s after-party, the male idol took a picture with her, and Bally shared it on her Weibo.

As soon as fans and netizens saw it, they were stunned by the woman of idol-like beauty, flaunting flawless skin and long, straight hair.

Who is Snow Kong?  identity of

(Photo: Snow Kong (Instagram))

After other netizens asked her name, older K-pop fans revealed it was Kang Xueer or Snow Kong, a singer and actress in China.

Before gaining popularity in the country, she was first famous among K-pop fans for three years as a JYP Entertainment idol trainee. During her inception, she became friends with members of GOT7 and TWICE, most notably Tzuyu and Momo.

Who is Snow Kong?  identity of

(Photo: Snow Kong (Instagram))

She was also using the stage name Cher Kong at the time and would have made her debut almost TWICE if she hadn’t left before filming SIXTEEN. She attempted to become a K-pop idol again after being transferred to Yuehua, but she didn’t debut in WJSN either.

She then returned to China and debuted in the Korean-Chinese joint girl group Lady Bees in 2016. In 2020, she debuted again with the group THE9, formed via the talent show Youth With You 2.

Where is Cher Kong now?  Ex-Idol intern who debuted almost TWICE, WJSN
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(Photo: Cher Kong (Instagram))

After the team disbanded, she changed her stage name to Sherry Kong and is actively promoting as an actress, which also set up her private studio.

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