Who is Ness Merad, the revelation of the Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec?

Who is Ness Merad, the revelation of the Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec?

TF1 launches its new Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec series this Monday, buoyed by new faces including Ness Merad, the Marie-Antoinette interpreter you’ll love.

Toulouse Lautrec High School is the new teen drama from TF1. And it’s undoubtedly the series that will be talked about earlier in the year. Funny, delicate, sensitive, she will blow you away when she touches the jury La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival.

What is the Toulouse-Lautrec high school? Victoire, 17, is forced to attend the Toulouse Lautrec high school, an institution for students with disabilities. Although recalcitrant at first, she will gradually overcome her prejudices in this extraordinary place. There she will discover friendship, love, solidarity. The courage and strength of all his classmates, but also the dedication and altruism of parents and teachers. All these everyday heroes will excite you and change you forever.

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Like the Red Bracelets a few years ago, Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec will present a new generation of actresses and comedians who will amaze you as their performance is truly breathtaking. And without a doubt Nes Merad should become one of your new TV favorites. The one who shares the same surname as Kad Merad, without sharing family ties, embodies Marie-Antoinette, “the queen” of her class, with a strong temperament and a certain dexterity in the punch lines. During the 6 episodes connects with Victoire (China Thybaud) who will never stop looking at them as his own. A real friendship has also developed between the two actresses and the way China took Ness under her wing is really very touching.

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Marie-Antoinette is Ness Merad’s first role, who, as she reminded us at the TV Fiction Festival, ” studies BTS communication while developing an influencer activity on Instagram and TikTok“. She was chosen to be an actress during an audition held at her old high school, which serves as the filming location for the series. More shy than his fictional alter ego, Ness at first didn’t dare to introduce himself and then changed his mind. After months of waiting, she was cast for the role and we can only congratulate ourselves. And if she is used to the camera with her social networks, Marie-Antoinette is her first role and the performance is simply impressive in its authenticity. Without a doubt, and as she explained to us: ” There will be a before and after Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec« .