Who is Marie Poulain, this young 25-year-old artist who is signing a duet with Calogero?

Who is Marie Poulain, this young 25-year-old artist who is signing a duet with Calogero?

Calogero introduced his new collaborator, with whom we could see him singing the track “The Departure Hall” on several sets

A romantic melody

“Le Hall des Départs”, a song that begins gently, a piano at the beginning, then violins, it takes us and surprises us thanks to this great duo of voices. Calogero’s deeper voice pairs perfectly with the deep voice of Marie Poulain, a singing duo that makes your ears shudder. “Love is an inexhaustible theme in song. It is a subject that is both beautiful and complicated. Above all, it is the basis of everything.” Calogero shared on the set of RFM. This music is therefore an excerpt from Calogero’s new album entitled LOVE, which will be released on September 8th.

Discovered new talents

Mary Poulain is the new author of the famous singer. All we know is that she is trained in theatre, piano and guitar. She wrote the lyrics to “Hall of Departures” while Calogero composed the music to her lyrics. The singer confided in the RFM set her very “special” relationship, which made it possible to create with her in a very fluid way at the same time. “There’s something romantic about this song that also has a nod to The Cure. In the intro, the orchestra is arranged so that the instruments are somewhat dissonant, like in a soundtrack.” the singer confided. Mary Poulain explained that they met through a friend of a friend and that Calogero saw her model and wanted to meet her immediately.

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A tour and another duo

A few days ago Calogero announced the tour AMOUR TOUR, which begins on January 11, 2024 with 42 dates. In particular, he will be in Paris on March 9, 2024 La Defense Arena. We now know that Marie Poulain will be performing the first part of her concerts, the opportunity to sing “The Departure Hall” again in tandem. “I think it’s magical when two singers like this come together and manage to convey emotion through their voices, because that’s actually not always easy, it’s rather rare.”‘ said Calogero happily. In addition, we know that the singer Gaetan Roussel On the occasion of this new tour, there will also be a duet with Calogero entitled ” “The night is never dark” !

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